Friday, 31 January 2014

Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Fallout

Title: Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Fallout
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Originally Published: December 2013, Classic Battletech Forums

Intended to be the end of one story arc and the beginning of the next, Fallout wound up being more of the former then the latter. Picking up directly after On The Edge Of The World, it served to wrap up that arc, as well as to develop the new shape of the characters and their relationships after the last few chapters. Finally, the chapter serves to also re-introduce a character who had been intended for a bigger part all along, but had wound up being squeezed out along the way. This happens a lot.

Following on the trend of the last few chapters, there is an acute lack of BattleMech action. Clearly I need to make up for this shortfall, and hope to do such in coming chapters. It does, however, provide a nicely circular route back to the situation at the start of Chasing Shadows, so that must count for something.

I assume you spotted the Arc Words

This chapter was originally intended to be a lot bigger, but being me, it ballooned horribly and quickly. Much of what I planned to do with it will probably end up in the next chapter which will also balloon.

Charles Brautigan is a very obscure reference, and I will be genuinely surprised if anyone gets it. He might end up piloting a Spectral LAM later, which might make it a little more obvious or at least less obscure.

Kristina's dialogue was very fun to write, especially her swearing. She's one of the nicest killer cyborgs you'll ever meet

Lynne possesses many talents, all of them dubious.

For those keeping track, the surviving MechWarriors are Sandra, Jake, Reg, Bob, Al Hillah, Wrylok and Arugal, as well as Levisha. Lily Quesh aside, all the casualties were nameless extras.

The jumpship captain almost ended up going unnnamed until I realised that I actually needed something to refer to him as. Oops.

The Bleak Dusk was previously identified as a Union class before it's current (and definitive) appearance as an Assault Triumph. Its all a part of an elaborate Word scheme to confuse numbers and troop movements and not a continuity hole. At all.

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