Monday, 16 July 2012

Salting the Earth

Title: Salting the Earth
Series: Battletech/MechWarrior
Original Publication: May 2011, Classic Battletech Forums

The last in the Grand Theft Agro series, Salting the Earth is also the biggest of them. It's the accumulation of storylines and plot threads and concepts and ideas that had been coming together for some time. It was also a bit of a "bounce back" after the darker tones of Stacking the Deck, in not having a "villain-centric" piece. And yes, as allways, there's character introductions. I'm addicted to them or something.

Otherwise, it's full of everything else you expect from the series: Schemes, plots, personal agendas, betrayals, double-crosses, badly written romance, bacon, cars, giant robots blowing things up and so forth. There's a few experimental scenes which I'm not sure how well they worked out, as well as a deliberate attempt at non-linear storytelling.

Also, see if you can guess the fic's big reveal before you get to it. I dare you.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stacking the Deck

Title: Stacking the Deck
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Original Publication: March 2011, Classic Battletech Forums

The fourth in the Grand Theft Agro series, Stacking the Deck was a bit of a departure in theme and tone from the previous ones. This one is more 'villainous' in nature, being done mostly from the perspective of Bannsons' Raiders, a charming group of individuals at the best of times. The main point to the fic was to explore a faction that was otherwise under-represented in the Fiction (and probably never will get much else) while trying to figure how an organisation made of mass-murdering serial puppy kickers would actually work.

While as allways there's a swarm of new character introductions, most of them are guest stars. Phew!