Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Best Laid Plans

Title: Best Laid Plans
Series: Battletech/MechWarrior
Original Publication: May 2012, Classic Battletech Forums

When I decided to upgrade Grand Theft Agro from a one-shot to a series, my mind began plotting out a long-term story arc; more to the point, it decided where to end that arc first and then worked backwards from there. Of course, that finale was a long way off and just about everything changed along the way, but a few elements of what was originally planned survived.

The end result was Best Laid Plans, a continuation from Salting the Earth featuring some of the (surviving) characters and incoperating the ending that I had planned all along. It also served as a handy end to one particular character set, bringing them up to the end of the published Dark Age material. For the moment,  this marks the end of their storyline, but not the end for them as a whole.

After all, with Era Report 3145 due soon there's no telling what may be within...