Monday, 13 May 2013

Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Hole in the World

Title: Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Hole in the World
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Originally Published: April 2013, Classic Battletech Forums

By this point, everything in the Mimetic Badarses series was in place; we had our alleged heroes, we had the villains, we had their mercenary minions, we had the wildcard element and we had the vauge hint of greater mysteries waiting to unfold. Now was the time to use it.

Hole in the World picks up after the events of Deviants and moves the story into it's next stage. Re-established with their new recruits and new allies, the titular team would be looking for targets. Bringing them into contact with the main antagonists and giving them a chance to hit back as such seemed like the next logical step. In addition, it served as a great way to continue some of the overall plot threads of the series.