Monday, 11 March 2013

A Fistful of Trade Creds

Title: A Fistful of Trade Creds
Series: Battletech/MechWarrior
Original Publication: September 2011, Classic Battletech Forums

Sometimes random ideas just bite. And sometimes they join up with other random ideas and manage to form a coherent story as a result.

A Fistful of Trade Creds was one of those moments. The original concept for the fic come together over a (fantastic) dinner in my favourite Chinese Restaurant as a result of making fun of some in-jokes. It ballooned from there, attaching itself to other stray ideas before reaching its finished form. Surprisingly enough, unlike many of my fics, there were no major re-writes or redevelopments along the way.

While this fic runs parallel to the Grand Theft Agro series, it’s not really a part of it. There are no major GTA characters in it, and it doesn’t really affect the overall plot. On the other hand, it does continue the story of some of the minor characters.