Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Stormfront

Title: Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Stormfront
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Originally Published: October 2010, Classic Battletech Forums

After the side-story of Ascendence Road, the next chapter, Stormfront, returned to the main Mimetic Badarses storyline. Continuing the plot elements initially raised in They Say, this chapter introduces a number of important elements of the overall main story line. It also greatly expands the cast (in a fic that I wrote? Amazing!) with a lot of new concepts that will be important in events to come.

A chunk of this fic was planned well in advance, and parts of it were written before Ascendance Road. Initially, I started with the last scene and worked backwards from there. I'd even planned to open with a portion of that and do some sort of non-linear storytelling but... it sucks.


The members of the Black Hands were named to a theme. It's pretty obvious if you know what you're looking for, and yes, the operation title is a clue.

The two-year gap between They Say and Stormfront is yet to be filled. It's been left vacant for future expansion.

Some portions of the fic were re-written after the fact, so be on the look out for errors.

There arc words are there, although at least one of them actually has some meaning in this chapter. Amazing.

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