Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Zero Signal - Deleted Scenes

Title: Zero Signal (Deleted Scenes)
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Original Publication: NA

Zero Signal is my second published work. It's not connected to any of my other fics beyond setting, so there's no shared story or characters or the like. However, like Grand Theft Agro it also ran well over the initial wordcount. Whole most of what was dropped amounted to parts of scenes, individual paragraphs or even single sentences, there was one entire scene that was dropped. Needless to say, what remained also (justifiably too!) had the hell edited out of it.

The one complete scene was a bit of a pacing stumper; it didn't add much to the story and actually broke up the overall flow. While it did do it's intended job, showing the problems caused by the collapse of the HPG network, it also dragged the fic towards the end. The result was that it was dropped and the text around it edited out.

The deleted scenes are available here. The full, published story is available on Battlecorps. You should go read it. Now.


One of the main reasons for the scene's existence was my love of Bannson's Raiders and the desire to do something with them, even if it was minor. The receptionist may or may not be Gillian Blackrock from the Grand Theft Agro series; I'd vaguely considered it, but hadn't decided either way at the point of writing.

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