Thursday, 18 October 2012

Genesisbunnies - the Short without Shorts

Title: The Short without Shorts
Series: Zoids
Original Publication: July 2009, Livejournal

So three years after my last Zoid Fic, I wrote another one. I had a joke and decided to base an entire short around it. This was the result.

Continuity-wise I suppose it comes after the end of Genesisbunnies chapter 2, for what that's worth.


Vergamin the Assassin was not my creation. Rather, he and the entire fic were based around an incident on a now lost to the depths of time and the internet Zoids RPG board. Vegamin's bio had a... fantastic... description, which quickly lead to him earning the nickname of the "pantsless assassin".

Clothing: black t-shirt that goes down 3" from my waist,a black trenchcoat which goes down to my ankles but is loose enough to not get in my way while i run and warm enough to keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter,2 (duh) black ankle high boots made of leather which have ankle support and also dont get in my way, and nothing else

So. No pants.

Did I mention that in one RP he walked into a cafe, his "staff" in hand and promptly waved it around in front of a pair of teenage girls? Yeah. The fic wrote itself.

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