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Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Deviants

Title: Tales of the Mimetic Badarses - Deviants
Series: Battletech/Mechwarrior
Originally Published: January 2013, Classic Battletech Forums

While the Mimetic Badarses series had its protagonists and its antagonists, the idea of having a 'wildcard' third party was also in the overall storyline plan. Of course, the biggest problem with such was allways going to be introducing it and making sure it could fit into the overall story line. After considering several different options, the idea of a chapter dedicated to the subject seemed to be the best solution.

At the same time, there were other storyline problems that needed to be dealt with; after so long beating down the titular Badarses and stripping their resources away, it was time to start rebuilding them and giving back. The two objectives very nicely intersected to the one fic.


The Arc Words are there as allways. Have fun!

Fairchild's Ravagers were originally created from a test of the RATs in Total Chaos. I generated a Merc Unit with a Mad Cat in the lead, and during the play that Cat wreaked horrible havoc on the enemy force. At that point, the Ravagers were born, nicely filling a role that I'd been trying to cast for some time.

Several other points had been considered as introductions for the Ravagers, but in the end I felt it was better to give them a dedicated chapter.

The aftermath of the Pyrewood uprising is touched upon in Stacking the Deck. One of the advantages of having multiple fics set in the same location is revisiting plot elements from different perspectives. The fic also references We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, my first Battletech fic (yet to be re-published here)

A scene featuring Tony Farms, the commander of the Fletcher PM and his Puma Tank was planned but ultimately dropped for time and lack of relevance. He may yet resurface.

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