Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My name is Rick, I write Fanfic

When I'm not doing other stuff, I like to pretend that I'm a writer. The end result is that I produce copious mountains of fanfiction under various handles (Deadborder, Rick R., deadborderbob and more then a few others) for little or no real reason other then the simple fun of writing it. And over... a long... long period of time, I've written quite a lot of it and posted it on various forums, archives, newsgroups and other such repositories. Along the way, I've also accumulated a lot of conflicting revisions, a lot of lost-but-recovered material, a few fans and one deranged stalker. (It happens)

I also became a published author, albeit by the broadest definitions of the term. It proves that persistence pays off, or something.

This blog is me attempting to collect my fiction into one place. Not only does it mean less hard-scrabbling through assorted archives, but it also gives me a chance to collect, collate, compile, revise, repair, patch conflicting versions, fix messes and clean up crap. It also means that I can stop pecking around archives to find things that I've otherwise lost as I'll now, theoretically, know exactly where they are.

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